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Rockport Rigger Line Clip Release
Rockport Rigger Line Clip Release

Rockport Rigger Line Clip Release

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The official Rockport Rigger line clip release attaches easily to the Rockport Rigger or any outrigger or downrigger. The simple design allows you to easily set up the clips so they hold firmly on to the Rockport Rigger or whatever they are attached to, allowing for flexibility in how you attach them. Used for trolling, kites, outriggers, downriggers, and more. The clip is built-to last and is great to have on the boat! You can easily rig these clips with fishing line, or any other line you have around. When a fish hits your line, this clip will easily release based on the tension you have set using the nob on the clip. 

  • Easy to Use & Highly Durable
  • Easy & Free Spinning Attachment Bar
  • Stainless Steel Anti-Fouling Design
  • Adjustable Tension 


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Why Rockport Rigger?

Rockport Rigger is owned by fishermen and manufactured in the U.S.A. We have worked with a number of experienced fisherman to bring innovative solutions to passionate fishermen and captains.

Intuition in Mind for Easy Installation & Use

The Rockport Rigger™ was designed by a serious fisherman for the serious fisherman. Too many times, we've seen modified mockups and duct taped PVC pipe to try and add fishing lines. The Rockport Rigger™ is an elegant, effective and innovative outrigger solution designed to utilize existing 30 DEGREE rod holders without having to do any haphazard modifications to your boat. The Rockport Rigger™ is made from ultra light and durable glass-filled polycarbonate, and assembles in under two minutes with no tools required. Slide the Rockport Rigger™ into any 30 DEGREE rod holder, attach a line clip, and connect the line. In three fast and easy steps, you're ready to use more lines and catch more fish. The Rockport Rigger™ extends up to 48" away from the boat with an optional extender arm for more options and flexibility. Made in the U.S.A.

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